Happy Halloween!

So it’s not really halloween, tomorrow is, but we trick or treat tonite, so it is halloween for us!  The day started off amazing, kids stayed outside by the fire with daddy, and he cooked us biscuits and eggs in the dutch oven.  YUM!
In preparation for a long night of candy and such, and to make up for an “off” day yesterday, trip to gym with kids was in order.  Ran- 6 mi on treadmill (yes had to,  kids fit n fun at the y so I could run) then grabbed the 8 yr old and swam 1800, well i did, she did her warm up and a couple laps of drills with me then swam off to play.  LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing a lane with my little peanut.  She is going to be an amazing swimmer/athlete, so is her sister, who wasn’t in the mood for the pool, no worries lol!

I am so enamored with the sport of triathlon.  What other event can be a whole family affair? and so fun for everyone!  we swim, we bike, we run.  all of us.  the kids do it, the parents do it, and if you want to be competitive you can, if you want to just play and stay fit and meet great people you can.  We can do this for life.  Our kids can do it now and later, each part offers a new challenge, and also reprieve from the other. 

Serious training for Ironman Wisconsin hasn’t begun.  Just trying to stay fit for the Dallas Half- going for a pr, get better skills in the pool, and enjoy the amazing weather we have in fall/winter in oklahoma!

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