Time to be thankful

November, the month of giving thanks.  It really is fun to see so many of my friends sharing their gratitude openly on facebook.  I do think it changes the world, one positive thought at a time!  now if we can only keep it up…

So I took 3 training days OFF!  Yes, zip, nada, no exercise that was on purpose.  I don’t think that has happened in well over a year. Figured I “should”, aching foot, hip flexor strain and strange tightness around point of hip,  well there are muscles around that that get sore, what’s up with that!  Think I must have filled that time with usefulness but I have a bad memory… what is important is that I listened to my body, and the cough that is ridiculously irritating, and took time off.  the “theys” say to do that every now and then. 

Today, feeling rested and what not, I had a plan for a 9 or a 12 miler.  It’s good to have options.  I rarely go small if time is not an issue, but today I am trying to show my new found body awareness!  I said “if my hip flexor doesn’t hurt, Iwill do 12”, 4 x 3 mile loops decreasing time.  Well it did almost immediately so  concentrated on form and relaxed and went 1-1.5 min per mile slower for just 9 miles.   It was quite liberating to have a plan, and evaluate and make the right decision.  The “old” me would have done the 12.

I am thankful today that I am growing in wisdom, and that even with wee aches and pains, how awesome is it to” just go run 9 or 12 “.  Always feeling grateful that I am able to enjoy these awesome fall days on my own 2 legs. I am a lucky girl indeed.

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