New Year’s Eve, you know what that means

I have to get better at this logging in a blogging thing now that I’m a blogger with a blog.

A resolution?  Not really.  Too many unresolute resolutions out there.  I’m just gonna do it!

A look back.  3 years ago decided to run a half marathon, 2:03.  For the best group Team in Training. Ran it, lost 30 pounds also sticking to Arbonne Figure 8 plan. Ran another half marathon in Dec 08, 1:48.  Sights set on marathon now.  Got hurt (foot stress fracture), sick, laid in bed watching the marathon on tv, I had gotten to the 18mile run, so some satisfaction in that.  Re grouped, finished first marathon in miserable heat and humidity 4:07, again fundraising. 

..brings us to the Next year, this year, another half marathon 1:47, another marathon, and fundraising for our first triathlon because Patrick thought a tri would be better. ok. Marathon 3:55, injured hip flexor whole way (not fun), but i’m stubborn about sub 4.  Learn to swim (thanks to tri coaches Ryan and Megan and Total Immersion book/dvd), Learn to bike (got my tri bike from Schlegel’s in Feb 2010, “Biscuit”, love the biscuit!)

Our first tri was a sprint in texarkana, awesome scenic race.  awesome race director, who turns out was a long time friend of Patrick’s mom and dad.  Won my age group haha.  suffered on the run entire 3 miles, breathing so hard, what the heck! Found out later cuz i was running about 7:30 pace. good grief. Next race Captex tri with Team in Training crew in Austin. HUGE event. COLD water, even with wetsuit. course measured long on swim and run, so finished 3:00 even, had a blast cruising on the 4 loop bike course, and then melted and boiled a little on 2 loop run course. Patrick was sloshing in his shoes. seriously splashing going on. Kids LOVE austin. so we have to go back.  total raised for Team in Training in 3 events about $11000! 

Next race.  3rd race in 3 weeks! OCCC sprint- pool swim, that was weird and disorienting, but nice too.  tried the flying mount, almost worked, almost fell off after running over some cones heehee. 1:14 i think time, run flat and fast but really hard when you are going faster on bike legs, won age group again- nice trend! suprising results, i was just going. I’m bottom half of swimmers, near top on bike and top on run, and my transitions are fast, I read not to give up time on transition, a lot harder to run faster. and i agree!

Decide to sign up for Redman OKC Half Iron distance. Glutton for punishment. Why? because somewhere inside I know I want to do Ironman someday

 Next race, Colter 10k Run in Chadron Nebraska,  won age group, 2nd overall female!  completely taken back by altitude (3x oklahoma) and long slow climbs- couldn’t go faster than 46:48, thought i’d do 42-44.  oh well. someday!

Next race, Hillapalooza Olympic tri.  Scared to do this, oklahoma in august. ugh, hills, double ugh.  BUT, i have trained on lots of hills at this point, and suffered many long bike rides in heat/big hills. so why not! It was a great fun race! up and down up and down, fast bike, great cloudy weather!  run, up /down, loop, around almost lost a few times, many were!  longest 6 miles ever though.  Won age group! who knew I could do decent at local tris?  I had just hoped to put it all together and finish.  Now darn it I have pressure to do better each time. (self imposed of course)

Ironman Wisconsin comes and goes. Also comes the signup day.  NEVER thought i’d get in online. I try, and I get in for Sept 11 2011 AAAACK!!! I was shaking when I got the confirmation. WOW– my life about to change!

 Redman Half- what a day!  Came in feeling prepared and strong, but you never know what will happen when put all together!  Going for 6 hours.  Swim went great, but kept going out right, way out right.  Bike was very fast. avg 20.0, SO happy with that for 56miles and no flats or crashes! but tummy was rumbling and getting bigger. like I was with child lol.

Run, just 13 miles right?  pitstop out of transition. then run run run, 2 loops. getting hotter but not bad really. tummy hurting taking focus off actual running. finally last mile pitstop #2. 2 girls pass me and i knew it would happen but had to stop! Only one was in age group though so I tried to catch her. and i did!  a hysterical finish line sprint, Just didn’t want to miss out on top 3 if i could help it!  turns out we tie, she gets 2nd i get 3rd, and my time 5:22- crazyness. Really happy to be top 10 overall!  Whole race kept thinking what if this was a full……ouch, but also envious of the FULL Redman’ers.

Sorta keep training after recovering from race, and enter Duathlon, nice little sprint. 2.5 run/12 bike/2.5 run.  Knew would be hard cuz i’d go fast if i could.  It was, HUGE killer hill first time was not so bad, second time was implosion time. almost. a little vomit feeling.  2nd age group, 4th overall. Home to family.

Next and last race, going for PR in half, Dallas, new fast course they say. It was!  Got to run with a buddy who inspires me with triathlon and Kona dreams.  We ran for 10 miles together, then I picked it up a bit, 1:41!  YAY! Next year, 1:35?  Think so, if not hurt. Nagging injuries always since I don’t let heal all the way. Thank goodness for swimming or i’d be a total mess.

Not a bad year, considering all I had planned was a marathon and one Olympic tri.

10k, 2 half Marathon, 1 Marathon, 2 Sprint tri, 2 Olympic tri, 1 Half Iron, 1 Duathlon, along the way have made a whole new batch of amazing friends that will only get closer as the years go by.  Bike buddies, race buddies, running buddies, other race mommies, and tri kid mommies.   And big thanks to mom, who was a built in babysitter and housekeeper, and Patrick for sharing my journey, tolerating my insanity and encouraging me still, my kids for being the best cheering section you could have and makers of the best signs! and my friends for putting lots of “likes” by my endless likely annoying posts about exercise and such hahah!

New Years Eve, one more treadmill run at the Y, where it all started. Then a couple days of play with family and Matchbox Twenty(well i will see them, not them me). Then the countdown  begins!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 12:39:34

    Hey Corie,

    Good luck in all your training. You’re an inspiration to all us mom-letes!

    Hopefully we’ll see you out and about soon!



  2. Kenny Ginn
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 14:39:30

    Two words.

    Chamois Butter!

    You Rock!



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