The Paleo beginning..drumrolllllll.

For the past year, feeling really great with Arbonne consultants’ detox wellness eating plan, I have been mostly gluten free, and mostly dairy free. Not 100%strict outside of 28 day plan, but really a definite change.  Turns out it worked really well for training and racing, especially the dairy part, less tummy trouble if you know what I mean.

Have had some tricklings of info about Paleo eating for the past month from a friend of mine, which is similar to my plan only more specific, and with real science and common sense behind it.   I ordered The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf- and looked at it almost nightly sitting on my nightstand.  looked, not read.  A month later I cautiously opened it.  It told me things I didn’t want to hear- really, and because of my gut response of resistance I was even more aware of why they were right.  amazing book!  You cannot keep eating the same, even if you don’t jump all the way in.  I personally needed facts and why’s to make drastic changes.  otherwise, easy to keep just going along eating sort of “healthy”. 

SOOOOO We decided as a family to go Paleo.  We want to feel good, perform good, give ourselves a “do over” with our kids diet which is fairly atrocious, but “normal” and that makes me sad.  Been fun so far, I will keep everyone posted on how it goes, but really it is not an option, this is not some fad we are trying for a month.  We may not be perfect at it, and I won’t be a fun spoiler for the kids.  But cancer and diabetes aren’t fun either.  I have a responsibility to take care of my self and my family and cannot just settle for convenience anymore and not be a slave to the cookie monster or gullible consumer in us.  Sadly the way the entire US economy and insurance and government and pharmaceutical system is set up, change is going to happen just one wee family at a time. The forces are strong to keep us sick at worst, at best, maintain status quo just because.  Sad sad sad.

Several delicious, filling home cooked meals have come and gone this week, kids trying a few new things, not totally thrilled all the time, but do I give up and give em prepackaged junk? nope, not anymore!  there will surely be issues as we transition, like school, etc, but I think everything starts at home and home is powerful.

 Looking forward to using this new eating also to bring my training and racing to new levels this year. Real food, lean meat, protein, veggies, fruit, eggs, great fats and new flavors… this is no diet.  This is EATING to live long and well!

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