Bid me Run….

“bid me Run and I will strive with things impossible”- Shakespeare

So a friend of a friend- a young girl (my age young) passed away from a 6 year battle with cancer yesterday. Sometimes things hit me hard.  I read her blog, years of it, her life with cancer, a mom of 2 young boys, cancer in her bones, brain, everywhere.  She ran from the beginning, she ran to fight, for peace and control.  Her last blog posts were about 1 week of last ditch efforts morphing into the acceptance that it was time to go home.  The very last was a post for her, she had made her last “run”.  I started running 3 years ago to fight for those with cancer.  I will not stop.  At some point every session they are on my mind.  Detra, my honored hero for TNT  is in my heart all week too. back for chemo again.  Praying, running, running, praying. Sometimes it all runs together in a blur.

Not much else to say today except I appreciate my running more than ever.  It’s been such a fun winter, running outside in the coldest air and wind where many people dare not go.  How do you not run fast when you feel great and the earth is so alive?  Somedays I have a tired feeling in general but half way through the run something happens and I feel free again, and as I go faster and faster and my legs get tired and I finally have to breathe hard I am relieved.  Life is such a gift and this version of pain that the effort yields is invigorating.  Most days lately I am so eager to get out again, and  I have stayed injury free so far, gotten stronger, thanks to swimming every week and getting some good bike rides in the last month.  The bike this weekend felt the same.  I had every intention of riding consistent medium effort.  But riding fast and faster felt too good to pass up. Again, looking for that tired my legs can’t go much more feeling.  Visions of 112 mi on the bike with a Marathon to follow.  This is nothing so I will give it everything.

before the mud....

….after 14 miles of it

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