The bumpy road

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.
~John Howard
Today I had a glorious thing happen on my bike ride.  I have a few favorite directions I like to go when I head out by myself, usually based on a combination of qualities, traffic, the view, the course difficulty, etc…
Many days for simplicity sake I simply ride out my door down the bumpy patched and not patched, and patched patches they call a road.  My sleek triathlon bike (the biscuit) seems an odd contraption to see in such a place, I admit.  Today was another one of those days, limited time so must choose the route that best will serve my training efforts/ hills/distance/safety etc.  I have a favorite road that heads west out of town, and has many miles of fun steep hills.  It also has it’s share of bumps, cracks, crevices, other hazards.  Still it never stopped me from going that direction.  I knew the path was going to be rough, and sometimes I indeed felt a twinge of dread, but I never regretted going that way, even the days I slammed into a pothole hidden in the shade on the road.  The reward was worth the discomfort and extra effort. 
Today was no different I headed out, made the crest of the last hill to see the stretch of hills before me, and low and behold…. IT WAS ALL NEW BLACKTOP!! YEEHAW! 
Not sure if I can describe the rush of adrenaline as your tires first hit that smooth glorious surface.  Instantly I felt like I could go on for hours on this day.
So yeah, it was a great ride.  But then, it always was going this way….  Without the rough n bumps, I probably would never have been able to feel such glee when someone smoothed it out for me.  I was prepared to always have this lonely imperfect road- for better or worse.  What a fun suprise and reward in a way for perservering! 
Life lesson for me today,  focus,  work hard, stay the course, do the do,   things may or may not ever smooth out.  but if they do, boy is it all the more worth it!

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  1. Kristi Edwards
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 18:41:49

    words from a true optimist heart! 1st time to see this blog. will look forward to reading more in the future.



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