Thistles and Weeds

“Plant your hope with good seeds, don’t cover yourself with thistle and weeds”- mumford n sons

Finally listening to my Mumford n Sons cd while running. yeah I’m slow to catch on…. Found myself a song that put me into a zenlike state (despite the mention of thistles, which generally raises my blood pressure).  I was transported to the lava fields of Kona, running in the heat and loneliness seeking the end, the end of whatever “marathon” I’m running that day.  Yet with the desolate sound and feeling, there is the strong beat of hope running through it, one that builds stronger and stronger, filling you with power, power to persist and conquer.  What is it I have to conquer? hmmmm.  good question!

 Conquer the limits I think I have, sometimes it is just the limits of the day, or the imagined limits of what my life can actually look like if I let it.  The subtlties of daily life, getting the kids to school on time, making dinner that everyone eats, being a better friend than I was before, seem easier and more possible to accept and enjoy for now as they are or maybe push to do better, when you have challenged the very tangible physical self.

This song reminded me that hope does need to be tended to, much like our yards and our families, our finances, health and relationships.  Keep it alive in yourself first by seeding with what you want to grow, feeding it everything you can that it needs.  Clear out the thistles and weeds, again and again as you have to, roundup works well- the messages that things are bad, worse than ever, the hints that you shouldn’t try something “like that”, and especially the stories you tell yourself that are not true about what you can’t do.  Find a problem, try to find an answer.  And then just hold on, hold on until this hope transforms you.

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