Reconnaisance, Grasshoppers, Farmers

It feels like forever since I blogged in the blog.  Reason/excuse #1, my keyboard jumps back CONSTANTLY, putting words and pieces of words back or up on whatever paragraph I am writing.  This creates much distress for this peaceful mommy heehee.  So know this, I am suffering right now. This is a painstaking process!

Reason #2 I sometimes have too much to say, and realize I need to edit may brain function,  not just put everything out there.  On the road to ironman, assume I am training DAILY, yup, assume I am tired, but weirdly invigorated, assume I have some big weeks ahead of me still!  No need to spend time on each workout.  Though some are unique, and I will share pieces of those.

Summer trip #2  to Wisconsin

I designed a family trip via Nebraska and a 10K run in my hometown.  Such a beautiful little town is Chadron.  So lucky was I to spend important years of my life there.  I see it now and of course appreciate it with the vantage point of 21 years gone….. I got to race there, and swim in the college pool, where friends pulled strings to “let me in” “some girl training for Ironman..oooooo”.  lol. too funny.  I also got to  finally get the Biscuit out on the amazing roads into town, around town and out and through the State Park, just across the street from my dear friend Joy’s house in the Pine Ridge.  Rode into town early one morning to meet Rosie for our ride together, now living in Colorado. We used to be on track relay teams together, and she has been priceless support ever since my first marathon, since she had done one first!  Then we packed up the truck again,  off to traverse the countryside via Mt Rushmore and the Corn Palace in South Dakota, on the way to Wisconsin… The promiseland, Ironmanland.

Not to downplay the wonderful town of Janesville or my visit with my sis and my adorable nieces, but just assume again, that the visit was great, the weather was heaven and it was GREEN beyond words.  Ironman bike course awaited me.  I had planned this trip the day I signed up in Sept 2010, knowing I would have a way to ride the course before the race!

Reconnaisance:  The Lake is impressive– viewed through eyes of someone who will see it next time in a wetsuit, probably shivering with nerves, the Monona Terrace “Helix” curleycue that I have to run up and ride down was like a postcard, goosebumps to see it in person.  I saw the room where I will set up my clothes, and the parking lot where my trusty bike will wait for me patiently to navigate 2.4, or .5 or .6 miles of swimming.  Then off to a launching pad to tour the course, launching pad indeed!  Before I was off the sidewalk out of the parking lot onto the road, I was flipped over the handlbars, slammed onto the ground, with my entire drink bottle emptying into my bike shorts.  NICE.  A wee brake incident can do this.  at 1mph, it is possible.  Luckily I was just flabbergasted, not hurt.  My brother in law/ IM tour guide, hid his dismay at my riding prowess, surely he started mentally preparing for a LONG 60 miles.    Well, I pedalled on without incident, we rode the course, one loop+.  It looked like the pictures and video only better.  I mean it was SOOO fun!  Perfectly hard, so many hills, and changes and turney turns. LOVED it.   I will be back in 6 weeks now to conquer it!  Cannot wait.  So truly glad I had the chance to go see it and feel it in person & so blessed to have a support team who allowed it to happen.  My husband, who missed a family trip and stayed home to work tireless as ever, and mom who came with as a sort of built in nanny, and sis and bro in law who took us in and encourage me endlessly with their excitement.

Grasshoppers.  Yup, grasshoppers.  This is a short topic. But grasshoppers are a big part of my day now.  Running or riding, grasshoppers hit me, flee from my fleetness lol, sacrifice themselves under my tires, decorate the road with their hopping frenzy.  Yes grasshoppers.  Annoying destructive crunchy pest, indeed.  But since my Ironman summer is the hottest ever recorded in the galaxy (well close), grasshoppers will be a part of my story.

Farmers.  Specifically farmers at convenience stores who look at you like you just landed from Mars or worse when you come in to get more water and food and clomp around in your bike shoes.   They are just so cute!  The looks of dismay, disgust, confusion, and awe are always entertaining.  Finally one was brave enough to approach the alien, me as I refilled bottles.

Farmer-SOO how far you goin?     Me- mm about 85  (the “group” shake their heads)

Farmer- How much you got left?   Me- 35 I think

Farmer- You even have those shoes, what, they just stick in there?(pointing to pedals)   Me– yep, pretty simple!

Farmer- What’s that? pointing to top of aero water bottle   Me–oh that keeps the water from splashing out

Farmer- no I mean what’s THAT, pointing to a glob of stuff on top of said water bottle

Me– OOH that’s uh applesauce, oops haha…

Farmer- Oh, (then walks off– I guess that was just TMI lol)

The end.  I just heard next week is going to make this week look cool.  Hmmm.  Wow I picked a great year to train for something super long-o.  Whatever, makes it more memorable right?!

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  1. Elizabeth (encourager/dEmander)
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 14:41:54

    i am jealous of all the “green” you got to see on your trip. i didn’t know there were so many different colored grasshoppers until this summer. i would of paid good money to see the “farmer story”. and last but not least, i think about you very often and remember your decision to do this almost a year ago. you rock.



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