It is near.

TAPER ta·per [ táypər ]: to become smaller in size or amount, or less important, especially gradually,
or make something do this

One more week of “taper”, well actually less, this is pretty much it, 2 weeks so far of less biking and running, not much less swimming. More time spent wondering, planning, list making, last minute supply purchasing, video watching, weather watching,  motivational mantra seeking.  Rehearsing race plan in my head, not doubting a day of my journey here.  Every early morning, cold run, hot run, injury, recovery, ache, pain, exhileration, new friendships, enhanced ones, maybe even distanced ones… all are part of me now, on my way to the final days of being a non-ironman. Indeed I often wonder, what if something happens and I don’t make it? what the???!!!!  Well, I will sign up for the next one asap!  And what if I do make it??!!! Well, I will sign up for another one. Yup, this is not a one time bucket list event.  It is a lifestyle.  I do think I can do better at still doing other things I enjoy and need to do along the way, so that will be my next goal!  Just have to complete a little date with IMMOO (affectionately called in WI) next Sunday.  I can’t wait to share this day with my brother in law and new friends along the way.  So proud of all the 2800 or so who will be marching along with me.  I heard we are supposed to MOO around the first swim buoy.  I wonder if I will remember to do that lol.  I hope so, life’s too short not to MOO!

I hope I can savor the sounds and excitement and camaraderie of the week.  I hope I can express how much it means to me that everyone around me was SO helpful and supportive and excited for me, even those who thought secretly that I must be crazy or weird or both.  I hope the 140 people on the back of my shirt on Sunday, in Heaven or still here with us, know how much they really do carry me every mile.

I hope I don’t forget to pack my bike shoes or my bike or helmet. If I do, I bet there are some amazing people who would share 🙂

I hope someday you get to find something challenging that means alot to you that you can work for and achieve, and that it is something you would do anyway, even if the “achievement” part never comes the way you visualize.  Do the Do, love the do!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristi Olson-Edwards
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 18:39:27

    so excited for you! savor every day of this week. So much of an experience is the anticipation! Have an awesome week! Stay healthy and rested!



  2. Kristen Lodge
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 13:44:19

    I’m so excited to watch you on the 11th. You did the time, you will do great. You are such an inspiration. Can’t wait to race with you next year.



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