Our Family is Sick:-)

There are mental demons we fight and mental angels that we all carry around; it’s how we deal with them that will determine if we can finish this thing called the Ironman, this thing called life.

Mitch Thrower

I have been wanting to post again, since my last installment on my Ironman high. But alas, I had to also regain some footing in the real world for awhile:-)  (not that triathlon isn’t real world..)

Since last post we have added another Ironman to the family!  Patrick finished his Ironman Arizona in grand style, literally.  He had so many setbacks and injuries that were NOT training related, and worked long long hours and completed his licensure with the Animal Chiropractic Board, and trained not quite optimally sometimes at 3 am, or in 110 degrees.  Horses kicked him, broke toes and forcibly extracted toenails, and his tri bike BROKE so he trained for weeks on a borrowed road bike, and he got the flu the week before the race, and he STILL finished in 12:38!  Dancing!  Crazy wild celebration dance that only Patrick could get away with all the way down the finish chute. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see him arrive in that condition, after not seeing him on the course for hours.  Of course HE’D be fine.  Me- I train perfectly, eat sleep dream IM and I have GI issues whole race and no, I could NOT dance at the end lol.

So now he has the sickness, the what next, the yes I will do another one someday this time faster sickness- I smile inside because I knew it would happen.  My sickness again struck me there in Arizona and I was forced to sign up for IM AZ 2012. Forced.  Yes, to wait in line for 4 hours so I too could jump into that 60 degree water a year from now and swim my little heart out and freeze for awhile in the cold desert morning on my bike.  Then, after I was bored to tears of the cactus landscape, go run run a marathon in the setting sun loop after loop of cheering crowds, and the silhouette of the campus I attended, say around 20 years ago, giving me a strange comfort.

So as excited as I am to be signed up for another Ironman event, I am really more excited to share the Full distance experience with my friends at the RedmanTriathlon (140.6) event with my friends from Colorado.  It also will be the start of my official experiment to get myself on the path to Kona.  I want to qualify for Kona yes I do.  It may take years, no matter.  So 2 Full Ironman slated for 2012, Sept and November.  This off season I am introducing Crossfit – another experiment.  Adding extreme intensity to my endurance base, and keep some of it through the entire year as well. See what that does- may break me down (oops), or it may be the thing I need to have a breakthrough, because to get to Kona from Arizona, me gots to be fast, as in 10:40 or better.  And on game day you never really know what will happen.  So Here goes another year.  The second of many in the sickness that I’m not fighting:-)

Oh yes, I said “our Family” is sick.  well that includes the kids.  They already “know” they will do Ironman someday too, they are 5,8,9 years old lol.  The girls are Ironkids, Sullivan will be this year since he turns 6 and is officially old enough, even though he has one tri under his belt.  Their doors are plastered with swim bike run, and they are perhaps all too in the know on race bikes and wheels etc.  It makes me happy though. I was telling one of my friends/ aka another tri mom, that they can do this FOREVER if they want to.  It will not be limited to time in hi school.  If they get sick of it, no worries, it will be there waiting for them, as overbusy parents perhaps needing a new outlet and way to be challenged and find inspiration- and of course stay healthy and strong.

Looking forward to the annual Kona watch party with other “sick families” this weekend.  Nothing better than watching amazing stories of the underdog, and the premier triathletes, all competing in the same event on the same course and day, revealing true human potential.  Revealing OUR potential if we just act. Perfect timing.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amara Poolswasdi (@amaravp)
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:24:44

    I can’t believe you’re slating two 140.6s within two months of one another! Your journey sounds amazing. Keep up the awesome work…I can’t wait to keep up with your progress.



    • roadtoironmom
      Dec 10, 2011 @ 07:47:09

      haha crazy huh? well I have a crazy friend who did 3 in 6 weeks! she is a machine, but I do know I felt amazing the weeks after my first IM this year, and felt frustrated not having something to do lol. So… hoping I can get in a quick recovery, quick freshen up and quick taper– see how it goes, worse case it’s a long training day with support and cheering fans! I love your blog! I will def be following you and maybe “borrow” some ideas heehee.



  2. kristenlodge
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 21:37:06

    Sick – Crazy = Ironman-ready.
    You are so awesome and I can’t wait to meet you.
    We are SO qualifying for Kona, babe!



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