Closing the Gap

THE GAP- the distance between where we are and where we want to be in our life.- Keith Kochner

I have GAPS in my life, most likely you do too.  One gap is wanting to have more blogging complete than I have. Not because my blogging is so useful to anyone really, or me, but I think it is one way I use to close the gap on fulfilling or clarifying a big purpose that I want to develop completely.  I have been stalling with my first blog of the year because I knew if I did one too early, it likely would have been full of NEW YEAR rah rah. There was enough going around, I didn’t need to add to it! And much of it was really good- with great value for many of us.  The past few weeks I have been really feeling on the verge of clarity, then not as much, in glimpses of random thoughts that pop into my head and I don’t have a pen darn it…  Reading books like Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, and being a part of a 90 day Pace Challenge with Keith Kochner, has me on track to close the gaps (relational, spiritual, financial, health, core values).  I want to be there…. I am here…. and little by little, not by wishing, but with consistent steps daily that are in line with a plan I set out for myself on January 2, I am refining my story, writing my story, imperceptible changes coming from the inside that will be more visible and affect my life on the outside as time goes on.  Some gaps will close quicker than others.  Some may seem as if I am getting no closer, like a mountain range in the distance.  I have faith- I will not despair that my efforts seem to no avail.

Yesterday I took the kids to the Sooner State Games trail race, and we did the 4 mile run.  I knew that they could do it, have fun, and be safe because we did it about a month ago.  I also knew that I would have to let the girls go ahead on their own so I could stay with Sullivan.  Being only 5, the youngest of all the competitors, he would need some extra guidance and encouragement to stay on the trail and reach the finish line.  He could not see the finish line, and for a 5 yr old, it can be hard to see the point after awhile lol!  The trail twisted and turned and went up and down.  He would say I’m gonna run to that curve mom, and off he would sprint, then he’d see a fun down banked curve and he’d add that, then a fun root filled part to jump up like stairs.  Before he knew it he had gone way farther towards the finish than he had planned. Little by little we closed the gap on where we started to where we wanted to be, where the cupcakes and snacks were at the finish line!  He was very focused on that end. Had the road been easy and smooth and straight shot to the finish, one- it would have looked WAY too far, two he would have gotten too bored to keep going!  By taking it curve and bump at a time, my little 5 yr old ran 90% of a 4 mile race, without agony over “how much farther” or ” I can’t keep going”.  He knew he could  make it to the next section.  His big success came in the form of many many little bitty successes, and he was smiling and jabbering the entire way.  What a great little example for his mommy… the things we can learn from our kids.

Part of my purpose is get better at using what I learn from my mentors how to see and seek examples all around me of what I could be doing every day.  I am even more ready to keep attacking the Gaps.  Stop feeling “overwhelmed”, not accepting myself into complacency, but feeling peace with the plan, no guilt over what wasn’t yet accomplished.  The other part of my purpose is to share it with as many people as I can, starting with my family, maybe create exponential change, because life is more than getting by, or living from crisis to crisis, or feeling despair over the Gaps. Write down your gaps, and 1-3 little steps for each you can start today to inch by inch pull it closed.  So now you know how I’m spending my days this year.  I’m a gap closer- yes I am:-)  Cheers!

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