The Forty Project.

The best years of a woman’s life – the ten years between 39 and 40. ~ Unknown Author

That quote seems true, sort of, if I look at all I crammed into the 39-40 year. It DOES seem like 10 years worth!  But I think surely it wasn’t THE best.  It was just the beginning of a momentum,  first swirling wide then twisting tighter and condensing into a specific purpose for each day.  There is something magical about turning 40. Defiant. Curious. Relaxed.  Hopeful and Relieved:-)

I’m creating my own Forty Project.  It is sort of a secret for now. But some of you will be a part of it. It is a gratitude thing and a serving thing.  I want to be more thankful and more serving on purpose.  Forty is the number I will work with for now, a start, but not the end.

As for what are my for sure plans for forty? Hmmm.  A summer of learning to Paddleboard with my awesome gift from my husband, a summer of training as hard as I have ever trained, embracing the heat and zone 4 workouts.  A summer of developing a business of wonderful Arbonne entrepreneurs, developing a team of mini triathletes, getting my chubby horse back in shape,  finding ways to entertain and create memories for 3 amazing, out of school, impatient and restless kids.  In the middle, a family trip to heaven- aka Bend Oregon and Vancouver.   Then,  2 more 140.6 in the fall.  And a few other cool projects I’m working on daily for the next year.  And yes, updates on that will be forthcoming:-)  In other words, trying to pack in 10 years between 40 and 41. Sound like a plan?!

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  1. Kristi E.
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 21:29:48

    Mmmm….I’m much intrigued Cori! I myself big 4-0 two days ago, and I am already having similiar thoughts run through my brain. Just this week pondering any goals for this year or really going for the things i may have started and not finished. I don’t want to be pessimistic in saying the glass is half full, but my thought sunday was…wow- my life on earth is 1/2 over…that is if I live to 80! So what do I want to accomplish this year of 40-41? I’ll be thinking on this one! But for this week, I am still enjoying the happy late 40 birthdays wishes and reflecting on the soooo fun weekend that my hubby and friends made for me! I too am thinking of my 40th year….back to the gym, a 5K goal, more mom time with kids one-on-one, saving for 1st trip to Hawaii May 2013, signing up me and kids to help at local food bank, singing more specials at church, taking my dog to the beach more and watch her crazy JOY as she jumps over the breakers………OK I’m getting off computer…I think I will go make a list!!!!! HUGS…Kristi



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