Really believing…

“Get away from what is realistic and consider the seemingly impossible possiblities.  Stop asking what a good goal would be and start asking God what your most magnificent goal should and could be.”

Tommy Newberry

Do I think God believes my most magnificent goal should be qualifying for Kona?  No, but I do think it is one of the goals I should accomplish on the way to seeing the bigger goals He has in store for me that I have yet to be totally clear on.  I don’t think we have just ONE ultimate goal.  I think living a life of ACTION, that is ultimately a service to Him and His people here on earth requires meeting many smaller even trivial goals along the way.  The smaller goals fuel your belief for the bigger ones.  And for every goal I reach, I hope someone else sets out to accomplish one of theirs.  I am fortunate to have spent the last several years, surrounded by positive goal and solution oriented people, who set about every single day to make a difference.  This is not an accident.  I am literally creating this circle a day at a time.  Through my Arbonne business, my triathlon and running life and the mentors I have found around and related to those, I have a web that grows stronger everyday.  If you are reading this, you likely are part of that web- Thank you!

So, back to goals… I’ve been doing a lot of training and goal setting this year, you could say….  And imagining, and feeling what it will be like to earn a spot at Kona.  I truly believe it will happen, even though some days while I’m running and tired I wonder how the heck will I be able to push through the tired and pain barriers for the full 140.6 miles, when a 6 mile run can feel tough.

I had a combo of a huge confidence boost AND doubt creep in last month.  I had a great race going for me at Redman, paced the swim and bike perfect for me in kinda challenging conditions, then a mile into the run my lungs seized up on me in a totally unexpected way, and forced me to walk most of the marathon just to breathe.  I was now what appeared to be ‘that person’, the one who had a great swim and bike and failed on the run lol.  Inside I knew this was not true… My legs desperately wanted to run, I just could not get air. I pondered stopping, to preserve myself for Arizona, also wondered if I had some sort of horrible tragedy unfolding inside me– like pulmonary edema or something like that- stopped often to consult with med tent staff lol, confirming death was not imminent.   In my heart I knew I could never forgive myself, so many thousands had suffered far worse and finished, what a fraud I would be if I gave up so easily!  I had to now turn my goals from a great performance to one of surviving and proving  to myself I could overcome unplanned problems, alongside many others not having their “dream race”.  I was going to be walking, A LOT, in an Ironman.  Walking is painful.  I was not trained to walk!  I was trained to run, and my feet and ankles did not appreciate the walking.  I don’t recommend it, in fact I plan to not do it again (we shall see on that won’t we?)

So after breaking a six hour marathon walking (pretty proud of that heehe) I finished with a time of 13:21.  Not the 11hr finish I was hoping for. But I confirmed that 11 is possible for me.  I improved my swim, my bike, and did not have to use every single porta potty like in Wisconsin.  Much about this race was on track.  I am taking all of those factors with me to Arizona. Admittedly it is hard to block out the worry about what if the lung thing happens again, or nausea, etc.. So every day I am rehearsing in my mind what I’m going to do and how I will feel about it, and plan the feeling of overcoming it and being content with whatever the results are.

Taper is upon me, again.  Crazy that only 4 weeks ago I finished a 140.6, in just 24 days I have another.  I will focus on my race plan, commit it to my heart.  Executing will not be an issue.  For I will run without being tired, God has made sure that I can keep running without being tired!  Through this race, through this season of my life, as long as I need to run, I can, it may not be comfortable, but that is not the goal.

I will use the extra time to sprinkle belief and passion into my world, snuggle a little more with my family, listen.  Listen to the stories and dreams and wishes, and catch up and get excited for the off season to give back a little more what I have had to take this year.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristi E
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 01:15:46

    Lovely writing friend….by the way what are dates in Kona?



  2. onetrimom
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 17:02:35

    I am getting ready to begin training for TTT! Any advice?



    • roadtoironmom
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 10:25:03

      Oh Yay! So excited for you! I have a friend who is going also, I can maybe hook you guys up! Tips… Steep long hills, descents that are too curvy to go really fast… so train hills, but don’t count on alot of rest on the down. I trained similar to ironman training, but never bike longer than 4 hrs. 2-3 bricks a week (2 small, 1 longer) and I had just done Boston, so my run was fine. You can pace pretty similar to ironman, stay slightly conservative. The second olympic is tough, long long climbs on tired legs. Don’t be afraid to walk every hill on the run from the start. Have recovery/ food plan ready to go. I ate very minimal, but effective, high fat and sweet potatoes, salmon. NO support on bike course, except Half iron day, on the 1/2 way turnaround you can re load. Bring “stick” foam roller, exact food you want (not great food selection in the town–or time to go get it) You have to set up each race, so count that into your day as far as time to get ready etc. Water usually really cold- 60 or less, but last year was 70. bring 2 wetsuits maybe. I’d bring a couple shoes, trail shoes preferrably, trail is rough rocks etc. feet get tender and I loved having fresh shoes for last day. a couple tri shorts to rotate. i’m just rambling but anything specific we can go back n forth:-) email



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