the Great Shower debate



“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.”  George Bernard Shaw

I’m sitting in the dentist office with my two girls, waiting for their appointment.  It is cold outside, so I get to wear a sweater, boots, jeans, big coat and ear warmers, aka my disguise.  All of this serves as great cover, almost might divert attention from the recent sweatfest on my bike in the warm house, and in a hurry to get out the door, just layered on new clothes, dabbed a little makeup on to hide the blotchy red sweatface and off I go.  No, that is not freshly washed wet hair, it is sweathair.  Hard to tell the difference eh?  Ok maybe not, maybe everyone knows by now after years of this stay and work and workout at home life I lead, that I am rarely put together in any sort of form that most “girls” would be proud of.   So, funny that I should read an article while waiting about working from home, and the pitfalls (in this guys’s case, not shaving, looking scraggly, not showering…thinking no one notices)  Got me thinking.

Not sure how I fell down this slippery slope.  I remember when I started Arbonne, it was great to get out of mom clothes and dress nice and style my hair and wear makeup that wouldn’t be smeared off in a minute and feel “normal”, and not like a milk cow.  I rarely would go anywhere without properly putting some effort into the shell the world sees.   I admit it felt good, and I did walk around with a certain extra confidence, even if the high heels I always wore weren’t so cozy, they were who I was, then.

I started doing more work only from home over the last several years, mainly to support my hours training for triathlon, only venturing to town for obligatory errands and kids activities.  Except now, I was almost always in workout clothes, or just changed, still sweaty, dried sweat, no makeup, hair in ponytail. Same ponytail. You know the one:-)  I tell myself I should go ahead and get on my horse now too, since I’m already not trying to put on any sort of airs of cleanliness anymore!

I do enjoy and promote the benefits of working at home, not having to decide what to wear and fix the hair and such, we stay at home/work at home moms surely have the freedom.  Just not sure that I shouldn’t put in a TAD more effort?!  I admire the moms who are put together, have some sense of style and obviously make an effort.  I think their husbands must appreciate it.  I know mine does when I try a little!  But why go through all that when in a few hours I’m going to be in the pool or running or biking again? WHY??!! It’s the daily question.  I promise though I do occasionally shower, whether I need it or not;-)  Sometimes a bath that is beneficial for training recovery.

So when you see me, you know I HAVE thought about it, and most likely have another sweat session coming, so I opted out of giving a darn, again.   When you see me with all my hairs did, and my “face” on, you know it is either a Recovery Day or I only had one workout and got done early enough to justify the effort.   I may try an experiment for the next week or so, see if I can get that Corie back, and the habit and expectation… I guess it’s not the worst thing if I don’t,  my confidence comes from somewhere else now, I’m just curious if I can blend the two Corie’s….

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Clifton Lewis
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 16:49:51

    That’s why you are suppose to hang out with like minded people that don’t give a darn what you look or smell:) like. I’m also pretty sure after seeing what your special someone chose to wear on date night after Christmas could care less what you are wearing… but if you need a excuse to get dressed up we would love to take you two out.



  2. Wendy Lewis
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 17:38:25

    In other words my husband is saying… You are beautiful no matter what and we see the strength and beauty that is shining out of you. 😀

    Or… he could be saying “I understand my wife does the same thing”. in so many words. ;D LOL



  3. cwlewisphotography
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 17:45:48

    In other words what my husband is saying is…. You are beautiful no matter what and we see your strength and beauty shining through.

    …. or he could be saying “I totally understand cause my wife does the same thing”.



  4. roadtoironmom
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 14:55:27

    thanks Lewis family:-) I know you understand haha. and yes we do need to get dressed up and head out on a double date!



  5. linzeraenbows
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 20:17:57

    I love this post! when i opened my laptop to do some work and get organized, got distracted – somehow my creepy computer had this pulled up so i had to read! i love love love this post bc i also live this way! only not so fortunate bc i HAVE to get somewhat girly for my job as a hairdresser. my dad told me i always look like a drowned rat hahaha good thing i don’t care! until of course i want to meet a boy :X love your blog!!!



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