About that Whitewashing on Facebook thing…

I recently read a blog where a mom who admittedly posts all the best quotes and moments and pictures from her life on Facebook and other social media,  truly feels like a fraud and spent the article sort of admonishing the practice of “whitewashing” our lives.  Because when we do this, it puts a pressure on everyone else to compare their lives to yours, their children, spouses, activities, fitness,  vacations, passions, Godliness, education, wealth, free spirit, happy go lucky life is goodness.  And it denies all the “real”ness that is our lives, messy, busy, hectic, shall we say NOT PERFECT- gasp.

OK so at first one says yeah!  I yell at my kids!  I have arguments even fights with my spouse, I have money issues, I have piles of dishes, even food molding in the fridge, I stare at lumps on my belly and rear, I get annoyed at this that and the other.  SO right on you great blogger mom! (who is a closet debbie downer)  AND boy oh boy did she have some people jump on that bandwagon (other not so closet debbie downers).

So here is where I completely wholeheartedly beg to differ.   I never assume when I see a great picture from a beach vacation that it is anything more than a moment captured, a happy moment, a moment of contentment.  Sure it might have been in the middle of pure chaos, but for that moment, the posting moment, appreciation was felt and the next moments if not hours were improved.  JUST FROM POSTING A PHOTO.

I never assume when I see someone post a workout status that they are bragging or saying they are better than me.  It is just a status – God forbid I want to feel a moment of I should do that today.  or oh yeah I remember doing that, I know how hard that was, or I can’t wait until I am up to that, or good gravy NEVER will I do THAT!!!

I never assume when you post cute status about how much you love your husband and kids that it is a lie, or a fairy tale at home that I don’t have.  What I ACTUALLY get from such a status is yup, I feel that too, and yup sometimes you have to say it outloud and public just to concrete it in your heart and mind.  Sometimes those posts, need to be said and shared before even really felt in the moment.  If someone can read it and take a situation or emotion that is going quickly down the wrong path at home, maybe a pause can stop the momentum.

I never assume that an inspirational quote bursting with hope and positivity, means that person feels that all the time.  Seriously!?  I know we all don’t!  Geez!  BUT I say again.  Finding a quote or a picture or a moment of your life that makes you feel better, makes you notice the small and big moments as cool and perfectly imperfect, IS the way to gradually make your world a better place.  I welcome you sharing it with me.

If I posted all the stupid crap that happens and annoys me and disrupts my life, and my friends, I guarantee you, stuff will not get better for anyone. Most importantly ME!   I can post (and have done so) something that irks me, and BOOM, I can have 20 people commenting, agreeing, equally upset or annoyed and now we have a bunch of grumpier people now tuned in to more of the yuk in their own lives.  Probably half of them will now have issues in traffic.  I just don’t want to do that blogger mom.  So stop bashing people or the action of posting good stuff, happy stuff, lighthearted stuff.  It is not lying, it is not to feel superior, it is not to compete.  It is because I want more of THAT.  And pointing out its opposite is not the way.

Keep posting your edited pics and cool quotes, and glorious- funny- warm- life moments.  I wish you so many that you run out of time to share.

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  1. Shawn Musgrave
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 21:31:57

    Well said Corie! You ROCK!



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