Building fires

“Among the notable things about fire is that it also requires oxygen to burn – exactly like its enemy, life. Thereby are life and flames so often compared.”           Otto Weininger

Building fire

The Fire within..

I have a passion for fire.  Not that I want to burn things in general.  But building a fire is a wholehearted, full on meditational experience for me.  14 years married to my Eagle Scout husband have included hours and hours around a firepit, no matter the weather, but preferably the cold.  I have learned and refined my skills- from first requiring firestarter even lighter fluid (I admit) to now being able to cajole one match and wind and even dampness into flame, life supporting warmth and mesmerizing embers and soothing crackles and pops and whooshing murmurs of power contained.

It gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction to man the fire for days.   To transfer energy from one log and stick, even leaves and twigs, on to another as they give all they have, succumbing to the heat, reaching for all available oxygen, burning hotter and hotter in the attempt to find more, an opening to burst through for that ever abundant resource the world depends on.

In supporting the fire’s needs, we find our own needs met.  We meet around the fire, we adjust around the smoke and help the fire reach it’s potential, while we chat and dream and plan, clearly now seeing our potential.  We stare, often into the nothingness that seems alive, the embers that flicker and shine, like snowflakes, never ever the same.  No fire is ever the same, each has it’s own shape and smell and sound.  No thoughts I have around the fire are the same, but similar feelings for sure.  Feelings of ultimate contentment, of calm, of knowing.   Maybe an ancient familiarity that generations who came before understood fire as well.  Needed it to become.  Might the fire within us be tapped by building a fire, a real fire?  For me, yes I think so.

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