What Lies Beneath

I don’t wanna be flawless, when I go, I want the cuts to show


Oh Pink.. how your raw wisdom inspires me when I least expect it.

When you look at the landscape around you…much of it is scarred deeply. Some areas more than others.  Some show evidence of such disruption, upheaval, power and even anger that it seems like yesterday it happened.  Some looks calm and smooth on the surface, but you know actually the real story just got buried.  The real story is the foundation for what you see on the surface.  Sometimes the dramatic landscapes are open and raw and breathtaking and inspiring because of it.  The honesty of it cannot be denied.  The subtle landscapes may seem mundane and boring or even safe.  If people knew the truth of what lies beneath, would they plod around so happy and secure?

I think we are kind of mirrors of our Earth.  What makes us who we are is most likely a whole lot of not pleasant or pretty.  A whole lot of flaws.  In some of us you see them more than others, and many of us have had them buried under a smooth mellow surface.   I really honestly envy those open shockingly ‘beautiful’ people, showing all their scars, not showing them off, but letting them be seen.  The honesty is refreshing.

As I get older, I hope the weathering effects of time and experience and relaxing into myself erodes some of that surface protection, so that when I go, yes the cuts show.

Day 2 of 50,  your song reward is Timebomb by Pink:)  enjoy


Smith Rock

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