Common Majesty

As sensory experience junkies, we have been blinded to the majesty in the common.
Bryant McGil

I wonder sometimes as I go on run after run and bike after bike in beautiful places, am I a sensory experience junkie?

I find exhilarating paths with breathtaking destinations, on courses that are often challenging and leave you feeling accomplished and drained and overwhelmed with emotion at the finish. The sights, smells, sounds, effort combine to create such a sense of well being and gratitude that you want more of it.  The brain says, THIS. MORE.

Can I find THIS in the common parts of any given Monday?  Do I feel less satisfied with the common?

Asking myself this now, reflecting on the day.  Today I was a mom chaperone of five 4th grade boys on a field trip to our High Desert Museum.  A really cool place to learn much about the west and our area’s history and natural life.

I wasn’t zipping down a curvy hill, I wasn’t running a long a rushing river hopping over rocks and boulders under giant trees.  I was herding little goofy people from point to point.  Watching the moms have little mom chats, enjoying the museum staff, so good and patient, what do they do at home in our same town?  Listening to squeals of little girls, dynamic boisterous boys exploring their social ladders.  Wondering who will be those GOOD friends that are part of our family by senior year.  Little hands shooting up with answers to questions about the Oregon trail, so confident, some less so, but brave wanting to try.

I was part of a common majesty today.  It was a beautiful experience as I was both in the moment, and also floating above in my mind, picking out scenes to remember, images and sounds to absorb into the deeper parts, the what I am.

So yes, I am a sensory junkie, but I can get what I need about anywhere, it’s what I tune into, and tuning in is the key to any of it.

Day 4 of 50:-) writing this one from my phone in bed, the old me would have skipped!

Song of the day-  Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy because it’s what we jammed to on the road to the museum.  So cute watching little future men let loose and all sing along.  Don’t be afraid to boogie in the car:-)

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  1. Robin
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 07:22:45

    Love this. I’m a sensory junkie too. Keep on writing and best of luck with your training!

    Liked by 1 person


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