Common Threads- TedXBend

“In life we find ourselves in situations where we are lost, don’t know what to do or what the right step is. To me, the worst thing is to do nothing. You just have to keep moving forward, and if you can’t see too far ahead into the future or don’t have the vision to do it then you make very small, incremental steps until you’re ready to make bigger ones, I continue to move forward, even if not in big strides, but very small steps.”  Omar Samra

Today was the second year I have been able to attend TedxBend.  Such a treat for someone who has spent countless hours watching a huge variety of talks, sharing them, learning from them, crying with them, laughing and getting angry and motivated.  This time I brought my girls and my mom.  Pretty cool to share this with them, I’ve always only done these kinds of events alone, with Patrick or my Arbonne family.

Today we heard from a mom whose 14 year old committed suicide after years of managing bullying and cyber-bullying.  She now seeks to help all of us understand our kids, to listen, to HEAR them.

-From an ambitious success minded executive whose life, mission, world changed on 9/11 when her step father, a firefighter was on the 78th floor when tower 2 collapsed.  Her sense of self and well-being shifted.  She is now using that shift to help us care about each other’s well being, all levels of it.  She had many powerful quotables, one was this…

We are not separate from the suffering of our neighbors”  think about that one…  

-From a photographer who showed us painfully clearly how connected we are to our devices, and how we can adjust to the new norm, creating our own habits that allow real connections to resume, just by creating new habits and boundaries and awareness.

-From a man who has dedicated his life to sharing his abilities and inabilities as his way to connect his gift, his heart.  In particular those with intellectual disabilities.  Teaching us that by embracing our own inabilities we give others the gift of being able to help and care and connect.  Instead of only focusing on our best parts, let’s embrace the parts in ourselves and others that aren’t so functional for a better life,   for better deeper relationships, each side gaining more than imaginable.

-From an expert in how our brains can be rewired to change the world, by changing our innate hard wired tendency for anything negative towards more humor, gratitude and positivity, affecting everyone we touch.  Just 2 Simple questions to shift most situations… How is this funny? and what am I grateful for.  Pretty sure I use these daily already! It works! 

Then we closed with Omar Samra. A man with a huge heart, man lifelong challenges creating the person who held pain and suffering within, a power that was channeled into climbing and exploring, breaking so many barriers as he become one of only 38 people to climb all 7 summits and ski the poles.  And he’s from Egypt! with grief at the loss of his wife after the birth of their daughter, struggles and turmoil and finding ways to let go of untold pain and tokens of life have helped him bring a new light to hundreds of thousands of children in her memory, while continuing to find relief and answers in the mountains.  I could have listened to him the rest of the evening.

He told a story I am anxious to transcribe.  Essentially, when you let something go, it becomes a light that takes off and spreads through the world. A LIGHT.  We need more light. We need to let more stuff go. 


Omar Samra sharing


Devices “removed” #tedxbend2016removed


We all added our bands to this art piece

As it was last year, the afternoon was filled with happy hopeful energy as we came, gave our open hearts and minds, and left full, thinking, wondering, grateful.  Music and art and innovative ideas combined with the heartfelt, brave even funny stories we heard, all along a similar thread, were familiar because they are us.  We are the thread, all of us, all connected.  We laugh, cry, dream, ache, hope, plan, scheme, tremble, worry, listen, cry, yell, whisper, pray, and LIVE our common experience.  The sooner more of us realize this the better.

I am anxious for you all to have access to the videos when they are released.  I will surely share them here when I can.

Day 8 (oops I missed 7… had a fun productive Earth day, made a fun video with over 150photos, and ended with a magical sunset.)  I’ll share the video later somehow.

Your end of page song for now, my fav version of a classic  The Boxer by Mumford.  We all should tell our “seldom told” stories.  We all have em.   Goodnight!

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