That Good Energy

“I believe in energies. Good energy has served me well. Being fair with others, compassionate towards them, remaining humble, and making a difference to someone are just a few of the things that I have seen create good energy. Beautiful things. Human things. I do my best to surround myself with these types of things, to generate an atmosphere thick with such energy. It has kept me safe in many situations. I have taken risks in the past, and managed to avoid harm by the protection of the good energy I have created around me. I believe that ugliness creates more ugliness. And no matter how touched by ugliness you are, you do not have to give in to it and start spreading it beyond yourself. I have seen this sickness and what it does to a person, and those around them.”
-Ashly Lorenzana

Several times in the past 24 hrs I have witnessed hugging humans.  People hugging people.  Saying goodbye at a dinner table, greeting each other.  Friends, family, even what looked like new acquaintances.  I try not to look away. It catches my breathe actually.

Watching this affection, the need for human companionship and touch from afar, is not something I take lightly.  I have noticed how I feel so grateful to witness this side of the human spirit.  I notice how it affects me, my mood, my affection towards my friends and family in general, even penetrating the cold steel of my giant Suburban as I drive along.

It physically changes me in that quick moment of noticing.  Because I have witnessed an exchange of energy, the power that weaves us all together I think surges in goodness from your heart to your brain.  Then from mine to things I touch or connect with as the day moves forward I would like to believe.

I want to say thank you to those moments, but sometimes a smile is all there is time or place for, a moment of eye contact.  Acknowledging, this, this is good.

They have studies that prove that happy thoughts can actually cause the change in electric current received by an object NOT even touching you, just near.  A mad or upset thought can have an opposite affect on the charge.  Fascinating.  We emanate energy, so we should do all the things, pay attention to the things, seek out the things that literally send positive energy between us and things we interact with.

Look for the hugs today.  The friends walking, laughing.  The sounds of someone feeling joy and exuberance.  SEE these things.  Let them be a gift to you, not just the noise and clutter of activity we are numb to.

Connections… even from afar, we need em!

Day 11 of 50…One Republic – Something I Need.  “I had a dream the other night, bout how we only get one life… “Metolius River

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