My Gear and such

The running and tri world are exploding with products to make you better, faster, stronger… Thought I’d start sharing some of the things I use, and still use, didn’t just try once and move on:-)

Swim:  Zoggs Predator Goggles, HUUB Athena wetsuit

Bike: Dimond (need I say more:-), Zipp 404 wheels, a rear disc cover, Profile aero bottle, and PowerTap powermeter

Run:  Altra all kinds- mainly Timps… balega and bomba socks  toesocks for long trail runs.

Race Nutrition:  x2 Performance, UCAN superstarch, Osmo, Arbonne vegan protein shake mix, MCT Oil,  Picky Bars or Arbonne bars. TUMS.

Software & Monitors:  Training Peaks,  Omegawave recovery monitor, Garmin Fenix 5s, Zwift and smart trainer for indoor training.

Maintenance tools:  Foam Roller, the Orb, lacrosse balls, the stick,  Massage therapist every 2 weeks, compression tights, Chiro as needed up to 2x/week, Arbonne Detox Gelee,Warrior Mist and Ancient minerals magnesium for topical pain/ muscles.  Arbonne Detox wash and 24h lotion for pool skin therapy.

Regular Nutrition:  Paleo + Arbonne nutrition (vegan shakes, dig enzymes, immune boosters)  MCT oil, Vit D and B, Fish Oil, Glutathione and SuperGreens

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