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Today would have been John Muir’s 178th birthday.  Today this breathtaking, humbling video was released in his honor, showcasing our indescribable, must be experienced Pacific Northwest.  It was filmed in Washington, but could have been in Oregon also, listening to the words, and watching the images filled me with awe, emotion, the feeling of HOME.  I so love it here.  It features my favorite John Muir quote, the one that just reading it makes me cry.  Now to hear and see it come to life in the voice of Lou Whittaker, has mesmerized me.  Again and again, this was much of my day today.  Please enjoy a few minutes.  Take the time to soak it up.  When I shared it on my facebook page I called it yummy.  It is.  Maybe for those of you who haven’t been out here yet it will give you a glimpse at my passion for our new home.   Let me know what you think!  and definitely share the love on the vimeo link:)  expand to full screen size, and put it on your tv for full effect!

Description of the video in words of it’s creator below.

In January of 2016 I made the decision to move from the picturesque Pacific Northwest to New York City. Living in New York had long been a dream of mine, but doing so meant leaving the beauty of Seattle and the wilderness that surrounds it. During the summer, fall and winter leading up to the move I chose to create a film as my way of giving back the PNW for all it had given to me and thus, Muir Song was born.
The inspiration for this film came from my time living and being active in the PNW. My goal was to capture the energy and attitude of exploring Washington through the eyes of people who do so religiously. The film is set to a quote by legendary conservationist John Muir, and narrated by infamous mountain climber, Lou Whittaker.  We were extremely resourceful in shooting this film due to challenging locations, and chose to backpack all of our gear into remote areas in order to find unique angles of the PNW. Our kit was small and mobile, but shooting on the Dragon with an anamorphic adapter enabled us to achieve a cinematic aesthetic without compromising portability.

I’m excited to release Muir Song on April 21st, what would have been John Muir’s 178th birthday. If you’re unfamiliar Muir and his work check out his bio on the Sierra Club here: http://vault.sierraclub.org/john_muir_exhibit

Director: Janssen Powers
DOP: Janssen Powers, Caleb Babcock
Creative Development: Mckinzy Powers, Janssen Powers
Producer: Mckinzy Powers
Quote: John Muir
Narrator: Lou Whittaker
Music: Ryan Taubert- Revival, Imagine

So that’s all I have for blogging today.  This video took over my thoughts today and I can’t move past until I’ve made it a permanent part of my blogging history:)

Day 7 of 50   Song for you.  A tad melancholy, but soothing to me.  “Below my Feet” Mumford and Sons.  One of those run in the woods steady steady, connect to what’s important kind of songs.


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