That is the Question….

A new friend of mine, and fellow triathlete asked a question on one of our group pages and I thought I share it, as well as my answer to her and encourage any comments you have that she might also learn from for her new blog coming soon (which I will share when it is ready)

She wanted to know how different endurance athletes view their experience (why they do it, what they get out of it, etc). from Lindsay- after a heated debate with her significant other:-), “I’m definitely on the side of “enjoying the journey” while he’s solidly on the side of “the only goal is to win.” I’d love to hear from any endurance athletes on the topic: Is the journey the fundamental point, or is the end result the main reason you train so hard – and why?”

My Response- (edited a touch for clarity)

The journey is part of the daily fix I need to feel healthy and motivated and strong and on the path to a better me. More

To summarize…..


“…you’ll do it the way you do anything – start at the beginning and continue to the end by way of the middle.”

I know I can’t tell everyone in person all the details of the day I became Ironman.  I will do my best to summarize (in a long way) here. I won’t be able to capture the essence of what every moment felt like, so if you want that, you need to sign up and go do one yourself:-)

The day begins with the night before.  Or the day before, okay, I’ll keep it the night before lol. More

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