The Paleo beginning..drumrolllllll.

For the past year, feeling really great with Arbonne consultants’ detox wellness eating plan, I have been mostly gluten free, and mostly dairy free. Not 100%strict outside of 28 day plan, but really a definite change.  Turns out it worked really well for training and racing, especially the dairy part, less tummy trouble if you know what I mean.

Have had some tricklings of info about Paleo eating for the past month from a friend of mine, which is similar to my plan only more specific, and with real science and common sense behind it.   I ordered The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf- and looked at it almost nightly sitting on my nightstand.  looked, not read.  A month later I cautiously opened it.  It told me things I didn’t want to hear- really, and because of my gut response of resistance I was even more aware of why they were right. More

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